Job Seeker Services

We provide a full range of vocational services with the ultimate goal of helping individuals find employment.

Who We Serve

We specialize in serving job seekers with neurological conditions; including but not limited to, traumatic brain injuries, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and other neurological disabilities

When To Come?

NVSU counselors reserve their Tuesday schedules to meet with new clients. Please call the office at 206-744-9130 to schedule an appointment for any Tuesday (at 10:30 am) to get started.

Address: 401 Broadway Suite 2088 Seattle WA 98104

You may download and fill out our intake paperwork here: Intake Packet

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Step 1: Intake with NVSU – One-on-one meeting with counselor

Step 2: Orientation – Get connected with state funding resources

Step 3: NVSU vocational services begins!

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

Assists our job seekers in setting job goals by utilizing a battery of assessment tools. Our evaluation provides the client with a structured job goal based on their preferences, skill set, and labor market trends.

The Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation includes a complete review of medical and psychosocial issues and administration of the following tests: vocational interest inventories, work values, aptitudes, academic achievement and personality assessments to assist the client to develop several specific job goals. If neuropsychological test information is available, this will also be synthesized within the report relative to recommendations. The report will address additional services and/or job accommodations that will be helpful in assisting the client to reach their vocational goals. Additional services such as a Community Based Assessment (CBA) may be recommended that evaluate the client’s work skills/behaviors and/or allows the client with limited work history to gain experience in the world of work.

Community Based Assessment

Community Based Assessment enables our job seekers to explore work opportunities specific to their goals on a short-term job try out.

A Community Based Assessment may occur in the private or public sector and is designed to allow the client to begin working part time with gradual increases in participation as their stamina, endurance and tolerance for work increase.  This assessment will last from one to three months and allows for a thorough evaluation of worker characteristics and identification and development of any needed compensatory strategies that will assist the client to become competitively employable.  Based upon Department of Labor regulations, this evaluation cannot exceed 215 hours in the private sector and the workers compensation insurance will be paid by the non-profit Board of NVSU, Neurological Vocational Services (NVS).

Individual Job Placement

Our job placement supports clients with job search activities and finding work tailored to meet the client’s skill set and needs.

This service is designed to support and assist the client with their job search activities and individually tailored to meet the client’s skill level. Services include providing job leads, assisting with targeted mailings, interview support, follow-up, resumes, and cover letters. NVSU may also assist the client directly with interviews at our partner companies.

Job Club

Job Club consists of weekly group sessions that address issues related to employment. Topics include: resume development, cover letters, effective e-applications, the 30 second sound bite, job search, job keeping, interview questions and practice, the hidden job market (how to utilize chamber of commerce, etc.), informational interviewing, effective use of job fairs, and employer hiring incentives, to name a few. These modules are continuously reviewed by our job seekers and modified based upon their input. Clients are expected to attend Job Club based on their service plan that is developed with their counselor.

Job Retention

Job Retention services are provided to newly employed workers to help them succeed on their job. A job coach may accompany the client on the job and assist them to be successful. They may provide direct job site and training advocacy with the employer for job accommodations that the client needs to stay on the job.  A job coach acts as a liaison, work adjustment facilitator between the worker and employer.

Social Skills [On Hold: resuming soon]

Provided to individuals of all disabilities who are seeking to improve their communications skills and listening skills and to become more comfortable with their social skills.  With 50% of job losses being the result of interpersonal challenges, this group can assist individuals to not only secure a job offer, but also to maintain employment.