Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

Assists our job seekers in setting job goals by utilizing a battery of assessment tools. Our evaluation provides the client with a structured job goal based on their preferences, skill set, and labor market trends.

The Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation includes a complete review of medical and psychosocial issues and administration of the following tests: vocational interest inventories, work values, aptitudes, academic achievement and personality assessments to assist the client to develop several specific job goals. If neuropsychological test information is available, this will also be synthesized within the report relative to recommendations. The report will address additional services and/or job accommodations that will be helpful in assisting the client to reach their vocational goals. Additional services such as a Community Based Assessment (CBA) may be recommended that evaluate the client’s work skills/behaviors and/or allows the client with limited work history to gain experience in the world of work.