Why NVSU? We truly value developing and nurturing long-term employer relationships. We therefore remain in contact with each party throughout all stages of employment and retention, offering any assistance necessary to ensure successful employment.

Our commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of employers

  1. We remain in contact with all parties throughout all stages of employment
  2. We provide job coaching or assistance as needed to orient client to the job and ensure ongoing success
  3. We value nurturing long-term employer relationships

We provide qualified job seekers

  1. Job seekers are pre-screened via aptitude testing and work site assessments
  2. Employees with a record of exceptional attendance   (reliable – work output and attendance)
  3. Employees who display long-term commitment and loyalty to the job and company

We deliver proven outcomes

  1. With a retention rate greater than 90%, we take pride in the quality of our work and a proven business model for providing qualified candidates.
  2. Bettering team morale

We make a positive impact on your bottom line

Our full range of services is free of charge. You may also be eligible for a tax credit of up to, but not limited to $2400.