Item Donation


Why donate an item to the Gala?

To help people with disabilities return to work! People with autism, head injuries, epilepsy, PTSD, etc.  We remove barriers to employment that help people recover and get back to work. 

We’re helping more people each year and the more money we raise, the better we can serve our community.

All of the funds we raise at the Spring Gala go directly to providing services to our clients for needs such as:

¨ Emergency services ¨ On-site one-on-one job coaching   ¨ Job Accommodations/ Technology ¨ Transportation & equipment needs   ¨ Licensing and certification  ¨ Training Services


Who we impact:

¨ Companies in our local community        ¨ Job seekers living with disabilities

 Disabilities include but not limited to:

Austism        Cogniitive Impairments     Developmental Disability     Epilepsy     Mental Health   MS      Physical Disability     Stroke       TBI/ Brain Tumor    Visual Impairment

Please consider this very worthwhile giving option.

If you would like to donate, please fill out our DONATION FORM


Our past donors include: